Monday, May 26, 2008

Just Another Show Off Post~~~ ^^~~~

This is just a show off post to Ah Leng about my collection on Giddens book...

01. 恐惧炸弹
02. 在甘比亚钓水鬼的男人
03. 楼下的房客
04. 爱情两好三坏
05. 阳具森林
06. 哈棒传奇
07. 少林第八铜人
08. 慢慢来比较快
09. 杀手 风华绝代的正义
10. 杀手 登峰造极的画
11. 杀手 夙兴夜寐的犯罪
12. 杀手 流离寻岸的花
13. 妈 亲一下

And the list is going to be getting longer that's what I'm sure... ^^...


wokchan said...

I read the fisrt, not bad. Can I borrow the fifth? :rf:

Dragon said...

headmaster!!! u r too much liao!!! guo fen a!!! show off until like that!

did u go to listen his talk or not? let him sign all your books la. im going this thursday. hopefully he will sign for me leh.

Dragon said...

i have the below:

杀手 风华绝代的正义
杀手 登峰造极的画
杀手 夙兴夜寐的犯罪
杀手 流离寻岸的花

in the book fest, still have other books from him or not? shd have ask u help me buy!!! r u going again?

Headmaster~~~ said...

No problem... ^^...

Ah Leng,
Didn't go for his talk cause timing not good...
So good luck to you in getting his autograph... ^^...
If you get his take a picture and post it on your blog yah... ^^...