Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just Another Thing That I Want To Do~~~

I want to continue my Chinese blog entry~~~
I want to start a new video diary~~~
I want to complete the outline of my chinese novel story~~~
I want to reply the letter of a friend in oversea~~~
I want to reply the email of a friend in another city~~~
I want to go jogging or swimming more frequently~~~
I want to try out Body Steps and get sweaty~~~
I want to gym more and be a hunky~~~
I want to call up 1000 for our favorite KFC~~~
I want to know more friend and buddy~~~
I want to find someone that I can call dear or honey~~~
I want to do something that is hot and spicy~~~
I want to go shopping and spend some money~~~
I want to watch all my old DVD movie~~~
I want to read all my books collection but that's a bit crazy~~~
I want to learn how to cook some real delicacy~~~
I want to create some movie clip for the memory~~~

60 minutes hourly... 24 hours daily... 7 days weekly...
That's all that God had given to me...
But my to do list is getting as long as it can be... T_T...


Joze Foo said...

wow! this is just like a poem...good luck in getting those things done

Dragon said...

wah, so many things want to do, can or not?

jepunlauee said...

me too ,have alot of I want~~~~
but to be able to fullfill them is teh main probelm...but my no:1 ...I want to~~ is to be in two places at the same time...in penang and in japan...hmmmm...